Wong at work

Lilly is pleased to reveal she is currently busy working on a new project. She revisits her life long love of textiles; an art degree subject she secured a 1st in, while studying at the formerly known Central Saint Martins (University of Arts London).

Recently Lilly has been playing with materials, textile processes such as ‘Shibori’ and garment construction, relearning techniques old and new. She is working within limitations and yet without restriction on her creativity; the journey has often been challenging but ultimately fun.

Play is an important component of Lilly’s creativity and comes without compromise – if Lilly’s not having fun, she will not engage. Working from geometric shapes, Lilly aims to create flattering and functional pieces that will become our new second skin. Never a big follower of market trends and allowing fashion to dictate her, Lilly sees clothing as an extension of herself. She sets her own rules and chooses garments that have been made with consideration to beauty, craftsmanship, timelessness and often a respect for tradition. She believes that we need to be more responsible as consumers, be better informed when making decisions, re-evaluate our attitudes to help improve and sustain our livelihoods and our planet.

It is this ethos that forms the core value of the new brand. Lilly really can’t wait to share what she has been working on however, today along with joint-founder Tom, she can reveal Kimono-Ơi.

In the meantime, Lilly and Tom continue to play with natural materials, while refining the concept brand to bring you an exciting range of products we hope you will love.

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