“Lilly is an inspiring and amazing artist and also an educator/consultant. Lilly’s not only talented artist but also is very humble to share her great insights/knowledge with her students/clients”

— Sawano

“Phenomenal passion, drive and talent and so committed to achieving the best for her students”


— Bethy Dee Head of Faculty Art & Design Harris Academy Bermondsey London

“She’s one of the most creative and effervescent artists I’ve ever met. She focuses like a laser in pursuit of her goals”

— Ron Briggs @ Wooven Design

“Fantastic day with the highly enthusiastic and unstoppable Lilly Wong. Learning and exploring the possibilities of beautiful natural indigo and the ancient art of Shibori dying. Be ready to roll your sleeves up! 5stars!”

— John @ Reeves Design Ltd

“I have been to Lilly’s stencil class and landscape workshops. Lilly is a calm and natural teacher. She provides a good amount of background information in a comfortable environment without pressure of judgement. She offers helpful advice and encourages the learning process. I had only ever done art by myself at home before, but I really loved the workshop environment and the encouragement from Lilly helped me to be more open to sharing my creativity”

— Nate Speck former teacher at The Australian School HCMC

Capturing Form live-drawing-sessions are a great way to meditate and practice drawing skills as well as meet fellow artsy people. Kudos to Lilly Wong for great facilitation and community building.

— Aziz Melibayev Graphic Designer / Artist

“I have lived in Saigon for only 2 months. I am really happy to have met Lilly. Her infectiously warm and welcoming personality has supported me to become settled in the city and feel part of the creative community. Lilly is incredibly passionate and approachable, she is always willing to dispense her vast knowledge of the arts to provide detailed support/advice.

Despite taking photos for years, attending the recent Photo ‘Talk and Walk’ was an experience that has completely reformed the manner in which I approach photography. Feeling somewhat lost before her lecture, I now feel I have a foundation of understanding to take my photography forward. From techniques, to the art principles within photography, personally, Lilly has proven to be an inspiration. I am happy to say that with her lessons I am now working my way towards constructing and shooting my first fully comprehensive project.”

Joshua Ricardo Photographer