As a British textile designer, artist and maker, my life’s journey is a rich tapestry woven with threads of English, Vietnamese, and Chinese heritage. With a BA Hons degree in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, I’ve embarked on an expansive creative journey spanning over two decades. From fashion and art consultancy to photography and art education, I have explored diverse creative realms.

My heart resonates with the rhythms of Eastern philosophy, art and design, immersing me in the exquisite traditions and materials of Asia. It was in the indigo dyeing process that I unearthed a profound connection. To me, fabric isn’t just a canvas; it’s an extension of the human form. Indigo and textiles, my chosen mediums, enable me to craft a sensory experience that transcends mere cloth, transforming it into wearable art.

My aesthetic thrives on the harmonious blend of minimalism, symbolism, and modernism, all while drawing inspiration from nature’s untamed allure. The clean lines and timeless silhouette of the kimono block pattern serve as my canvas, where I strive to seamlessly fuse functionality and beauty.

My journey extends beyond the realm of creating art; it’s about weaving cultures, transcending boundaries, and crafting a future where beauty, culture, and the human spirit coalesce in harmony.

Kiiro is an art and lifestyle brand that revolves around the timeless allure of indigo. Kiiro began as a part-time venture in 2020, co-founded by myself and friend, Tom Scrimgeour. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this entrepreneurial journey was a profound learning experience. As life often leads us down different paths, Tom and I have made the decision to part ways professionally.

Today, I continue my journey as an artist, designer and maker, running my brand Kiiro independently. This marks an exciting new chapter dedicated to nurturing my artistic practice, where art, craftsmanship, and innovation seamlessly converge.