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Indigo Noren & Moon Art Pieces are on display at Soma Saigon

Soma in Thao Dien Ward, Ho Chi Minh City is now host to original art pieces created by for Oi. Read ahead to learn more about the artist, work, process, how you can commission your own pieces, and enjoy listening to our moon inspired playlist whilst you read.

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About our Noren and Art

Noren 暖簾 are traditional Japanese fabric dividers hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways or in windows. 

The natural Linen has been batik resist dyed to create the circular moons. The deep blue has been submerged in the Indigo Vat over twenty times to achieve its colour. Varying shades of blue extend out of the white centre revealing the gradation in the dye process. 

The batik process uses beeswax to form a resist on an area of the fabric where the Indigo dye cannot permeate. The rest of the fabric takes to the indigo leaving the waxed area white when removed. The work requires much time, patience and love to complete.

The moons came about after long nights of dyeing, with the full moon providing our light and inspiration.

Tom Scrimgeour and Lilly Wong, the Founders of Oi. and Oi

Joint founder Lilly is a practising artist, showcasing her art pieces through Oi. The large moons can also be found on a smaller scale in our homeware collection. Lilly is currently offering her photography resources on her website to raise money for the orphans of the Covid 19 pandemic here in Vietnam. Click to find out more.

Commission your own

Get in touch with Lilly or Oi if you are interested in owning your own unique piece and we will get in touch.

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