Curation, Marketing and Exhibition Support

I have been a dedicated art curator and exhibition organiser to various international and native artists living and working in Vietnam, to transform their creative visions into captivating exhibitions. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for showcasing artistic excellence, I have had my hands in on almost aspects of the exhibition planning, from curating the perfect collection to expertly organising, promoting, and selling the art. My goal is not only to celebrate artists’ unique talents but also to build a loyal client base that appreciates and invests in exceptional art.

George Whelan "Vietnamese Takeaway" Solo Exhibition

I had been approached to collaborate on another art project with an esteemed businessman named Adrien Callverac in Saigon, to embark on an artist-in-residency program that I helped to jump start of many more thereafter. This collaboration was geared towards the creation of a captivating collections of artworks by Native and international artists for special exhibitions at his new gallery space. The first resulted in a resounding success, marked by pieces sold and a memorable opening night.

We invited the Australian artist and my friend, George Whelan, who was not new to Vietnam, to kick start the new venture.

His body of work, delving deep into the exploration of human figuration and abstraction within the context of a pool hall. This unique setting, once the world’s most popular game and still a global phenomenon, traces its roots back to colonial times when ivory was used to craft each ball. In Vietnam, it continues to be an everyday scene that transcends societal and economic divides.

The billiards hall is an open and inclusive space, welcoming individuals from all walks of life. Regardless of cultural differences in interpreting the significance of the pool, it universally represents a liminal and nocturnal realm where humans pose and lean, reminiscent of the timeless contrapposto poise seen in Greek sculptures.

Again, my role involved  curating, organising, promoting and installing the artworks, and it’s been a gratifying experience to witness the artist’s vision come to life. This collaboration exemplifies the power of art to bridge cultures, capture universal moments, and celebrate the successes in doing so.


Melissa Merryweather "Empty House" Solo Exhibition

Melissa’s solo exhibition ‘EMPTY HOUSE’ comprised of two components; colour and black & white – digital and film, both possessing unique qualities in their own right, describe an architectural story of old Vietnam making way for the new.

The New Photographers; Mentoring Program Editions 1 & 2

I conceived and spearheaded the mentorship program I named “The New Photographers.” I devised this platform to empower and guide emerging Vietnamese and international photography talents, providing them with invaluable professional development skills.

“The New Photographers” program was specifically designed to nurture the distinctive style of each participant and aid them in forging a robust professional artistic identity. My goal was to enhance their capabilities in visual storytelling and promote their identity as accomplished photographic artists. To achieve this, the program embraced an innovative approach that not only fostered the creation of meaningful photographic work but also cultivated a collaborative environment among participants, ultimately leading to an inspiring exhibition.

Following the resounding success of “The New Photographer’s 1st Edition”, the 2nd edition of the program was launched. This endeavour culminated in an exhibition held in October 2019, where the growth and transformation of these talented photographers were showcased to Vietnam.


Capturing Form Saigon Charity Fundraiser Exhibitions 2017 & 2018

For two consecutive years, the vibrant life drawing community of Saigon “Capturing Form” came together to celebrate the culmination of their hard work in the form of the annual Charity Exhibition. This meaningful event, a brainchild of my own, had become a cherished tradition, with two successful fundraising exhibitions held in Ho Chi Minh City.

At these exhibitions, our talented artists not only showcased their exceptional work but also extended their generosity by auctioning their pieces. The proceeds from these events were dedicated to supporting local children’s charities, making a significant impact on the lives of those in need.


Bao Vuong Solo Exhibition "The Crossing"

I provided curation, marketing, and exhibition support for Bao Vuong’s inaugural solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that has since evolved into something truly significant.

In his first solo exhibition, Bao masterfully narrated a poignant and emotionally charged story of his Vietnamese heritage. Through a series of paintings and installations, he skillfully depicted his family’s exile by sea, painting vivid scenes of nights spent in the open, filled with uncertainty.

The darkness that pervades this body of work serves as a powerful symbol of the fear experienced by those who had lost their livelihoods and were forced into exile. Bao’s use of black pigment effectively conveys this fear, immersing viewers in the emotions of the exiled.

Yet, amidst this darkness, Bao’s work offers glimpses of hope. The reflections of light on the relief waves serve as a metaphor for the shimmering rays of hope, echoing the promise of a better world beyond the horizon. Bao’s art takes us on a journey from a bleak moment of darkness to an optimistic yet equally enigmatic horizon.

Since this remarkable debut, Bao’s artistry has continued to grow and captivate audiences, making a meaningful impact on the art world.

Cian Duggan and Edmond Smyth - Debut Exhibition

I have provided curatorial guidance and exhibition support for two international emerging artists based in the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh City. These artists bring their unique perspectives, each with distinct styles and methods of artistic expression.

Cian’s artistic journey is marked by a deep exploration of non-representational shapes. His work is a testament to creativity, as he meticulously wraps and stretches objects, unveiling unfamiliar forms that are boldly brought to life through a graphic and captivating style.

Edmond, on the other hand, employs the intriguing process of automatic drawing to challenge conventional representation. His portraits undergo a transformation, disintegrating into intricate layers of visual noise that invite viewers to explore the boundaries of perception and interpretation.

I’m thrilled to have played a part in bringing their distinctive visions to a wider audience.