Commercial & residential sourcing and making for interiors

At Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô in Vietnam, I worked closely with the interior designer to curate a unique experience. My role involved meticulously sourcing local textiles, raw materials, and traditional Vietnamese arts and crafts.

This project was not only a testament to the  dedication to authenticity but also earned me a prestigious art commission. I was entrusted with creating textile artworks and crafting wooden signposts for all 80 rooms and amenities, enhancing the luxurious ambiance of this 5-star boutique hotel.


Providing creative solutions for interiors

With a deep understanding of art and a keen eye for aesthetics, I work closely with clients to curate and create artwork, providing  customised advisory services to meet the unique requirements of my clients needs.

Square Roots

Furniture Design company Square Roots Commissioned curtains for their showroom.

I completed this project with the help of Kiiro Co-founder partner Tom to bring my vision to life in the form of full-length curtains measuring over 35 meters in length and 4 meters in height. From the initial design concept to the meticulous screen printing and construction, every step was a labor of love. The culmination of our efforts took place at the client’s showroom, nestled over an hour’s journey from Saigon.

My aim with this design was to transport viewers from the industrial surroundings to a serene natural setting. To achieve this, I incorporated a birch tree motif that emulates the tranquility of a forest. These curtains serve as a gateway to another world, where the beauty of nature envelops even the most urban of spaces.